After a long period of time when people thought that the industrially produced products were better than the homemade ones, people are slowly going back to the DIY products.

Treatments for Hair

Homemade products are being proven to be more effective than the industrially manufactured ones. This is because the industry as a whole is only interested in making money and they don’t care whether their ingredients have got side effects on the side of the consumer.

The only advantage that the industrial products have over the homemade ones is the fact that they work faster. However, their results are always short lived unlike the homemade ones whose results are more permanent.

Treatment For All Hair Types

The first homemade hair treatment product is made from yogurt, Eggs and honey.

These are at a fast glance, ingredients for a contemporary breakfast. The second best use of these products is in making beauty products.Avocado

They are all affordable and natural in that case. In addition to the above, avocados can give the best results.
Among all the natural products, avocados have got oil that is closest to the skin oil, hence good for the scalp.

The mild acidity in lemon will be better and gentler than those chemical laden industrial products.

The egg yolk is naturally moisturizing and is rich in proteins and fats. On the other hand, the egg white is rich in bacteria eating enzymes and is good for removing unwanted oils.

To Use: Use the whole egg for conditioning a normal hair.

Only egg white is used for treatment of oily hair and egg yolk is the only one used for moisturizing dry hair and brittle hair. Half a cup of the selected part of the egg is applied on a damp and clean hair.

If half a cup is not enough to cover the scalp, you can proceed to add more as your hair may require.

Leave for about twenty minutes and rinse with cool water. Warm water must not be used because it will cook the eggs.

After this, shampoo the hair. Whole egg or yolk only treatment can be done once a month while egg white only treatment can be done after a fortnight.

For Dull Hair

A moisture sapping film that dulls the hair can be left on your hair as a result of some styling products together with air pollution.

This can however be reversed by the use of some dairy products which includes sour cream, or even plain yogurt.

Lactic acid in the dairy will gently strip dirt away as the fat in the milk moisturizes the hair.

To Use: Use half a cup of sour cream to massage in damp hair.

Plain yogurt can be used if that’s what is available. Let the dairy product sit for twenty minutes and then thoroughly rinse with warm water. Thereafter, follow the rinsing with cool water after which the hair needs to be shampooed. This treatment can be done on a weekly basis.

For Itchy Scalp

Poor diet, climate and stress can bring about flakes. A mixture of lemon juice and olive oil will give you the best desirable results when fighting the flakes.

The mild acid in the lemon gets rid of any dry, loose flakes while the olive oil comes in to moisturize the skin that has been newly exposed.

To Use: Mix 2 tablespoonfuls of olive oil with 2 tablespoonfuls of fresh lemon juice and add two tablespoonfuls of water.

Massage the mixture thoroughly into a damp scalp and let it sit for twenty minutes. Rinse the scalp, shampoo the hair and repeat on a weekly basis.

For Dry or Sun-Damaged Hair

Due to sun overexposure, hard water or other reasons, you may have dry hair that needs treatment. Honey-the natures sweetener can be of great help here.
Honey is among the natural humecants since it attracts and traps moisture in the hair.

To Use: approximately half a cup of honey is massaged into a clean and damp hair and left to sit for about twenty minutes.

Rinse with warm water and shampoo. One or two tablespoonfuls of olive oil can also be added to the honey.

This loosens the honey thereby making it easy to apply. For extremely damaged hair, a protein rich ingredient such as an egg yolk or an avocado is added for the replenishment of keratin protein bonds.

This treatment can be repeated on a monthly basis.

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